Welfare Check – Where are the women in the Assange ‘molestation’ case?

Is Sofia Wilen getting the Lewinsky treatment?

There has been much to-ing and fro-ing in the Mainstream and Social Media in the months since Julian Assange’s unsuccessful defence against Swedish extradition, in relation to the allegations of sexual ‘molestation’ and the subsequent granting of political asylum by Ecuadore.

It has been over six months since the fateful decision by the British courts,  a decision which must have elicited whoops and chuckles from various forms of cubical life in the F.B.I. and other ‘Corridors of Power’ in the U.S. Intelligence community.

Blue shirt

Julian Assange
– Speech from the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy

And we all know the F.B.I. are gagging to get their hands on Julian Assange.  You don’t have a 42,000 page case file and ‘sealed indictments’ in relation to someone you’re not interested in, despite what Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bob Carr, has been wheeled out and told to say.

So where are the alleged victims of the sexual molestation allegations?  It is highly improbable that both women could simply have dropped off the face of the earth, without the assistance of authorities and without a living-soul being able to verify their whereabouts.

I must mention that I use the names of the alleged victims as they are well known because they were promptly leaked by the Swedish Police at the beginning of the Investigation, something which would never have occured in any country with half-decent legal principles.

As Anna Ardin appears to have been the instigator of the whole situation, one can only assume that she is still “on board” with the Swedish Prosecution, though this has not been verified.  And what of Sofia Wilen, the woman who is generally believed to have been rail-roaded by the Swedish Prosecutors and Police.  Sofia Wilen who commenced back-pedalling even before her initial statement was signed, to the point where she became extremely distressed and refused to sign said statement?  Where is she now?

One hypothesis is that she is being kept incommunicado by the F.B.I., or some other faceless U.S. Government entity, in some ‘gilded-cage’-style safe-house, either in Sweden or somewhere else, possibly even the U.S.A.  Presumably the F.B.I. would be able to keep a better eye on her there and keep her quiet.  She may even be held under some form of legal or physical duress.  That duress may consist of some combination of the ‘carrot and the stick’ approach – possibly legal threats combined with offers of financial or legal assistance or even a promise of employment.

While these concerns may appear fanciful, it is worth remembering that American political figures have form for treating women this way to achieve political ends.  Remember Monica Lewinski, the White House Intern who had a consensual sexual relationship with President Bill Clinton?  Lewinski provided a ghost-written, biographical account of an eight hour interrogation, by Republican Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr and his cronies, during which she was kept prisoner, held incommunicado and cross-examined  until she agreed to provide grand jury testimony, against Clinton, in return for immunity in relation to the making of a false statement denying the sexual liaison.  Monica Lewinski’s only involvement in the whole political mess was to have consensual sex with a man to whom she was attracted – a man who was being targetted by political adversaries.  Sound familiar?

Is the same thing, or part thereof, happening to Sofia Wilen?  If it’s not the case, where is she?  Has she been threatened, in the nicest possible way, with charges in relation to the making of a false statement if she speaks out against the Prosecution?  Has she been the subject of promises of a rosey future, possibly in the U.S.A.?   Is she simply being kept away from the media and anyone else, so that she can’t trumpet her unwillingness to take part in this quasi-legal fiasco and bring the whole thing crashing down?


Sofia Wilen
– Felt ‘Rail-roaded’ by Swedish Police

Her complete disappearance is suspicious and telling.  If she’s not still being rail-roaded and has not already stated an unwillingness to testify, where is she?  Cough her up so that her welfare can be verified.  No Assange supporter wants to harass her.  In fact, I believe that she would receive universal support if she stated publicly what we already believe, that she wanted no part in this soap opera.

Show us that she is still a willing participant in this.

This is how events will probably pan out:

The two women will be kept under wraps until Assange is safely in custody in Sweden.  Until that time neither of them will be seen, except possibly from a distance.  This will particularly be the case with Sofia Wilen, who would almost certainly, particularly if offered the proper support, attest to the fact that she wants nothing to do with the Swedish Prosecution and affirm the fact that she was ‘rail-roaded’ into taking part in the investigation from the start.  Her testimony, or the lack thereof, along with the paucity and lack of credibility of other ‘evidence’ will no doubt result in the collapse of any subsequent charges.

That is, of course, if any charges are even laid.  Obviously the Swedish Police know they’ve got no case or this would already have occurred.   No matter to the F.B.I. either way.  For they will be in the happy position of being able to organise Assange’s extradition directly from Sweden, at their convenience.  They will have this luxury regardless of whether or not  charges are laid.  Once Assange is safely in custody in Sweden, they don’t have to give a crap what Sofia Wilen says.  She can shout from the roof-tops that she was a legal pawn who was dragged into this mess against her will and it won’t matter because the real aim will have been accomplished.

No doubt both Ardin and Wilen have been told by Claes Borgstrom, their legal representative, not to say anything.  An incidental issue which needs to be raised and a question which I haven’t heard asked previously is “Why would a witness reporting a crime to police need to immediately lawyer-up, anyway?”  The speed at which this occurred has to be a record for two alleged assault victims.  This is normally the behaviour of white-collar, corporate crime “witnesses” in need of early arse-covering strategies.  I guess this political band-wagon was too tasty for Borgstrom to let pass by.  No doubt this was discussed, early in the piece, by Borgstrom and his old friend, Prosecutor Marianne Ny, when they first commenced hatching their plans to use the investigation as a career-enhancement strategy.

Borg 2

Claes Borgstrom – Politically Motivated

At the end of the day, one of the people who is in a position to verbally expose this cynical legal joke is Sofia Wilen.  No doubt she has been manipulated by the Swedish Prosecutors and Claes Borgstrom to believe that they represent her interests.  Clearly this is not the case or the Swedish Prosecution would have got their butts on a plane to London to interview Assange, to expedite the investigation, regardless of who they say is to blame for the delay.  How long’s the plane trip – an hour and a half with a head-wind?

Prove to the world that Sofia Wilen is not under duress.  Allow her to have a voice.  And if she wants to say, “I don’t want a bar of this”, then that’s her right, too and the Swedish Prosecution have no legal right to do a damn thing to stop her.