Domscheit-Berg’s public statement re: Manning and the slippery status of OpenLeaks

This article is an addendum to a previous article entitled: ‘Why I believe Daniel-Domscheit-Berg is an F.B.I. Informant’.  

On 5 March, 2013, Daniel Domscheit-Berg appeared on a panel interview on German DW program “Agenda”.

Here is the link to that programme:

During the program, Domscheit-Berg stated a belief in the importance of whistle-blowers.  This lofty attitude flies in the face of his actions in sabotaging WikiLeaks and betraying  whistle-blowers, by stealing leaked documents and the encrypted submission system from the organisation.

Despite these actions and his continuous public slander of WikiLeaks, he still had the hypocrisy and audacity to refer to the organisation as “we” a number of times, during the program, presumably in continuance of his usual attempts to bath in the reflected glory generated by  the achievements and continued trials endured by Julian Assange and Brad Manning.  Revealingly, though, he smirked when Assange’s current Embassy incarceration was mentioned.

In  case anyone should be in doubt of the importance of Domscheit-Berg in the achievements of Assange and Manning, he indicated he had met Manning and described his impression of Manning’s demeanor and motives in leaking material to WikiLeaks.  By his statements, whether or not they are factual, he has publically placed himself in the position of middle-man for WikiLeaks, in relation to the Manning leaks.  Given the current situation, these statements are at best, ill-advised and at worst, an incredible act of self-aggrandising stupidity.  Domscheit-Berg does not present as highly intelligent but can he really be so clueless as to not realise the implications of his statements?

In response to questions as to whether he thought he would be called as a witness, in relation to the investigation, he claimed not to know.  This is completely bizarre in the context of his Manning remarks, particularly when the F.B.I. are going to such lengths as to subpoena Twitter account records.  Surely, given the information Domscheit-Berg  provided, the pertinent question would be not, “Do you expect to be called as a witness?” but “Do you expect to be charged with Conspiracy to Commit Espionage?” – or whatever charges the U.S. Grand Jury has prepared for Julian Assange.

It is clear that he has spoken to the F.B.I. and was deemed ‘helpful’ so clearly he has already passed on information, pertaining to his involvement, to them.  He would definitely have been asked to make an official statement – ergo he is an F.B.I. Informant.  His lack of reticence in providing information, directly related to the investigation, on television  demonstrates that the F.B.I. already has his version of events.


Bradley Manning: One of the people Domscheit-Berg is disregarding in his quest for public attention

Based on the information he has provided in this program he will definitely be subpoenaed  as a witness against Julian Assange and Brad Manning.  One can only assume that either he is lying about knowing this, or the F.B.I. are unwilling to directly confirm this fact to him.  This may be because the effect would be to openly confirm that Assange is to be arrested, in relation to WikiLeaks involvement in the Manning leaks, and they are still trying to maintain a pretence that they may not proceed against him.

Obviously, if Assange is to be arrested, then so is Domscheit-Berg, as he appears to be confessing to being the middle-man in what they would define as a ‘Conspiracy’.  In fact, his confirmation makes him more culpable than Assange as he cannot deny knowledge.  The only thing that would protect Domscheit-Berg from being charged is his ‘co-operation’ in the form of the provision of a statement against Assange and Manning.  Clearly, his admissions on this program, are an admission, by implication, of this co-operation with the F.B.I.

The interviewer described Domscheit-Berg as ‘Founder’ of OpenLeaks.  In a previous post I stated that I believed it was highly likely that ‘OpenLeaks’ was being maintained, as a front organisation, for the F.B.I.  I also stated that I believed it was functioning as a ‘honey-pot’ to gather intelligence about would-be leakers, to prevent actual leaks occurring which could be damaging to the U.S. Government.  I also voiced the fact that the F.B.I. were in a conundrum, as OpenLeaks could not be perceived to leak anything without raising the question as to why Domscheit-Berg was not being criminally charged.  I suggested that this caused difficulties in maintaining the ruse that OpenLeaks was a legitimate leak organisation.

To this date, Openleaks still does not appear to be providing any actual constructive service to whistle-blowers.  For months, Domscheit-Berg’s leaking activities consisted of public requests for persons to come forward to help them develop systems so they could commence functioning.

Today the OpenLeaks web-site contains information about their non-functioning email system and a ‘stream of consciousness’ diatribe, from Domscheit-Berg, about why leaking is difficult.  He makes it clear that his organisation is steering clear of actual leaking but will provide information to others about how to go about it.  A reasonable conclusion, from reading the information on the web-site, as provided by Domscheit-Berg’s fairly ordinary intellect, is that OpenLeaks has no such information to provide.

If OpenLeaks is being maintained as an F.B.I. ‘honey-pot’, Domschiet-Berg’s operational activity of attracting contact from potential leaders of leaking organisations, is the next best  thing to receiving information from actual leakers.  This would also solve the problem of maintaining Domscheit-Berg’s shaky cover story and the cover of OpenLeaks.  The F.B.I. would  be able to receive information they could use to identify the next generation of potential Julian Assange’s, information with great potential valuable to more than one sector of the U.S. Government.

Based upon Domscheit-Berg’s performance to date, as recently confirmed by his public comments in the above panel-interview video, there is no doubt that he is the LAST person who anyone should contact should they wish to commence leaking activities.  No doubt if he receives any information about persons interested in whistle-blowing activities, he would be happy to oblige the F.B.I. by providing it to them, particularly if he could enhance his public-image whilst by doing so.  One would hope that any hapless, well-meaning person would steer well clear of Domscheit-Berg and OpenLeaks.


Why I believe Daniel Domscheit-Berg is an F.B.I. Informant

“Pathological liars always have great faith in their own honesty.  That’s what helps them lie.”  –  Julian Assange

I believe that Daniel Domscheit-Berg’s sins, in sabotaging and stealing from WikiLeaks, were committed for reasons of vengeance.  I believe however, that there was a darker motivation, to his actions, which went far beyond malice.  I believe it is probable he had been recruited as an F.B.I. informant.

The release of the ‘Afghan War Logs’ would have sent shock-waves through the U.S. Intelligence community resulting in immediate downward-pressure, from the Corridors of Power, to take action to stop WikiLeaks. Priority one, for the United States Government would have been to ensure that no further damaging leaks were possible.  The best way to achieve this, and the focus of U.S. Government efforts, would have been to damage or steal the method by which information was leaked to WikiLeaks.


Come back with a Warrant – Yeah right

Domscheit-Berg did exactly that.  He stole WikiLeaks’ encrypted submission system, a system authored by Julian Assange.  This act put the organisation back months and necessitated WikiLeaks having to set up a temporary, rudimentary submission system, using the postal system.  He also stole WikiLeaks donations in the six-digit range, as well as computer hardware.

The reason Domscheit-Berg gave, for stealing the encrypted submission system, was to use it in his own organisation, ‘Openleaks’.  Openleaks has been inactive for the entirety of its’ existence, well over a year.  It appears to be a non-functioning ‘front’ organisation.

It’s no secret that Domscheit-Berg has no ability to write code and could never write a submission system for himself.  But why would he need one if ‘OpenLeaks’ was never going to function? I believe that Domscheit-Berg had been approached by the F.B.I. when they heard of the dissension between himself and Assange.  He then agreed to work for the government in return for benefits.  I believe one of his first tasks, as an Informant, was to steal the encrypted submission system and to hand it to the F.B.I.  This he dutifully accomplished. I believe he was also directed to steal the stored WikiLeaks emails and to provide them to the F.B.I.  What other benefit was there to be gained, from stealing emails, apart from to assist Law Enforcement?  Emails relating to an argument between Domscheit-Berg and Assange were never going to hurt WikiLeaks.  Other information, contained within the email system, however, could have been very useful to the Government.  Remember that, at this time, the F.B.I. were trying to put together a case against Assange as well as obtain intelligence about the identities of WikiLeaks’ Sources, in order to stop them leaking information and, where possible, put together prosecutions against them.  They were, and remain, keen to gather as much intelligence as possible about the organisation’s activities, plans, methodology, members, contacts, skills and sympathisers.  The email system would have been considered a rich source of information.

After Domscheit-Berg had stolen the documents, containing leaked information, from WikiLeaks, the Chaos Computer Club attempted to assist with mediating their re-aquisition.  The Club spent eleven fruitless months trying to do so.  Andy Müller-Maguhn, of the CCC, indicated that attempts were made to make Domscheit-Berg commit to a single story but to no avail. He then claimed the documents had been destroyed.  Kristinn Hrafnsson, Assange’s legal representative, stated that 3,500 documents had been stolen from WikiLeaks.  None of this rich treasure-trove has subsequently been leaked by ‘Openleaks’.

This is not surprising as the F.B.I. would hardly have given Domscheit-Berg permission to leak sensitive information to the public, or media, hence no such leaked information has been released.  The information was, no doubt, handed directly to the U.S. Government. ‘Openleaks’ remains open, possibly as a ‘front’ organisation, by arrangement with the F.B.I., to help maintain the original contrived ‘legend’ about Domscheit-Berg’s motives.  I believe ‘Openleaks’ will never leak a single document.  I believe that, if it is perceived that the ruse is failing, an announcement may be made, via the Main-stream Media, in relation to a ‘Leak’ of sensitive information by Openleaks.  This release will actually be a pre-arranged press release, orchestrated to maintain the ruse whilst doing no real damage.

The F.B.I. now face an inherent problem with taking this course.  The ‘Catch 22’ situation, in which they now find themselves, is that they must maintain the ruse that ‘Openleaks’ is a legitimate ‘leak’ organisation.  Their difficulty is that, whilst maintaining the ruse, they cannot allow any leaks to happen.  If Domscheit-Berg is given a fallacious ‘leak’ to release, to support his cover story, demands will immediately be made for him to be charged under the “Espionage Act”, with the same offences they are saving up for Julian Assange.  They would then be forced to ‘out’ him as an Informant to avoid doing so. I believe this ‘Catch 22’ situation is the reason why ‘Openleaks’ continues to sit there, in a glaring and pitiful state of inaction and why it will continue to do so indefinitely.  What to do?…What to do?  It’s a conundrum.  [Sound of fingers drumming on the desk].

The F.B.I. would have been desperate to cultivate an Informant from within WikiLeaks.  Daniel Domscheit-Berg would have been just the man they were looking for – vengeful, vindictive, treacherous and with an axe to grind.  Whilst using him, they probably despise him.

I would suggest the U.S. Government probably helped with the release of his book, ‘Inside WikiLeaks: My Time With Julian Assange at the World’s Most Dangerous Website’  to support his cover story and spread the myth to conceal his relationship with the F.B.I.  I believe it is possible that part of the reason for the book deal, apart from to peddle disinformation to discredit WikiLeaks, was also to cover financial payments to Domscheit-Berg, for his assistance to the U.S. Government. After the split with WikiLeaks,

Domscheit-Berg attempted to use a Chaos Computer Club summer event to promote ‘Openleaks’.  The response of Andy Muller-Maguhn was as follows:- “We on the board of the CCC are not happy Domscheit-Berg has given the impression Openleaks will be tested by our own people and thus given a CCC stamp of approval. This is outrageous.”

Andy Müller-Maguhn

Andy Müller-Maguhn – Former Board-Member of the Chaos Computer Club

Domscheit-Berg also refused to divulge information about ‘Openleaks’ or with whom he was working.  I believe that the motivation for this promotion of ‘Openleaks’, at this event, was to assist the F.B.I. and other U.S. Government agencies, in using it as a ‘honey-trap’.  I believe they wanted to encourage genuine Sources to use that facility instead of ‘WikiLeaks’ to stop information being leaked to the public and to identify Sources so they could then be prosecuted.  I believe that, due to the honesty and intelligence of members of the Chaos Computer Club, this plan back-fired and the operation was an ‘epic fail’, causing it to be shelved. As we know, Andy Muller-Maguhn went on to co-author the ground-breaking ‘Cypherpunks’ with Julian Assange.  Clearly he was too smart to fall for Domscheit-Berg’s antics.  I believe that Domscheit-Berg would also have been reporting back to the F.B.I. about the members and activities of the Chaos Computer Club and their associates and may still be doing so.

The high-level, immediate, Main-stream Media support of Domscheit-Berg, also appears to have been assisted by the U.S. Government.  Domscheit-Berg, being a narcissistic egotist, would no doubt have easily fallen in line with anyone who said to him, “Boy, we’re going to make you a star”.  In fact, apart from larceny and lying, self-promotion appears to have been his only activity since being fired from WikiLeaks.

My investigation has been wholly based on information obtained from the internet.  The conclusion that Domscheit-Berg was and probably still is, being ‘handled’ by the F.B.I., is the only explanation for the odd sequence of events and the numerous inconsistencies, both in his words and actions.  All of these inconsistencies fall into place when the conclusion is applied.  It is the only way to make sense of the whole matter.

This view is supported by those expressed by Julian Assange, in his statement of 20th August, 2011.

“I have received a warning from a current Western intelligence officer that Daniel Domscheit-Berg has been in contact with the F.B.I., on more than one occasion, and that the information from his contact was “helpful”.  I do not know if Daniel Domscheit-Berg was complicit with the reported contact. David House, of the Bradley Manning Support Network, stated publicly, and repeatedly, that U.S. investigative authorities attempted to bribe him to become an informant and infiltrate WikiLeaks activities.”


Julian Assange
– Believed Domscheit-Berg was in contact with the F.B.I.

Needless to say, whether Daniel Domscheit-Berg is a vengeful competitor, an F.B.I. snitch, or both, one thing is clear – anyone who decides to trust him has rocks in their head.