Twitter must die – or stop this filthy secret-sanitisation business

The recently exposed Twitter Shadow-banning fiasco is one of the most recent and obvious manifestations of Twitter’s slump towards irrelevance. The blatant and obviously political, refusal to verify the account of Julian Assange has been another blatant example.

Exactly who is making those farcical decisions at Twitter?  Is it Jack Dorsey?  Has he hired some spineless advisors who are controlling the staff making these ill-conceived, random decisions to ban, limit and censor tweeps?  Is it possible that he’s so scared to death of being hassled by the U.S. government and others, that he is bending over at the first sign of pressure?  What kind of pressure is this?  Is it coming from the government or his wealthy peer group?  Is it some misguided attempt to broaden his user base by appearing family-friendly?  Has someone with serious bucks threatened him with legal action?  Why, in Dog’s name, would he think that banning free-speakers would lead to more users or advertisers?  Newsflash, Jack, without users, you don’t get advertisers.  If you betray your raison d’etre, the very thing that made your platform special, you lose your users.

I suggest that Jack gets this situation under control while he’s still got a business left.  I see a lot of people moving on, in the near future – and not merely those of us who have been so charmingly described, by your bizarrely-out-of-touch staff member, as ‘shitty people’.

I am 100% certain my account is being censored.  It has become apparent that my account is being kept below 1,100 followers.  For at least the last year and a half, my follower count drops to just under the 1,100 mark rapidly, as soon as it reaches around 1,110.  This has happened with monotonous regularity, for at least a year and a half, after a steady climb to that follower count.  I believe that this is evidence that some shameful algorithm kicks in to stop my account developing and my views being heard.  I am certain I am not the only one being subjected to this kind of mechanical muzzling.  I’m not paranoid enough to think I’m that note-worthy so there would be millions of other people having the same hand-brake applied to their public personas.

I am proudly outspoken in relation to Syria and the abuses of the Palestinian people by the apartheid state of Israel and I expose sock-puppet accounts which are being run solely to propagandise.  I believe that this is the reason my account is being censored.

I think it is quite possible that staff at Twitter are actively furthering the apartheid, Hasbara aims of the Israeli government and are actively assisting them in silencing the #BDS movement along with a lot of other view-points the US government considers troublesome.  I have had temporary limitations placed on my principal account and my back-up account, on at least two occasions, as a result of challenging extremely obvious Israeli sock-puppet accounts, the kind that tweet all day and all night, in a manner that suggests that they are either being run by multiple persons, that they’re bots, or that the person controlling them has a serious Adderall addiction.  Obviously the latter is the least likely option, though it would explain some of the quality of the intellectual content.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 07.00.20

Do yourself a favour, Jack. Kick this one to the kerb. (Image courtesy of RT)

It’s disgusting that the public are being defrauded in this way.  We came to Twitter, trusting the platform and believing that our views would be treated equally.  Instead the Thought Police in the Twitter office consign our views down the ‘memory hole’ into oblivion as if they’re worthless.  This filthy business of secret-sanitisation is not only a gross insult to Twitter’s clients, i.e. us.  It’s a major infringement against anyone’s idea of what constitutes free speech.

It’s time for people to vote with their feet and demonstrate to @Jack that Twitter is not as indispensable as he likes to think it is.  Those of us who actually have something meaningful to say came to Twitter for all the reasons it was NOT like Facebook, i.e. because it was a place where one could have a boots-and-all discussion, without feeling like we were in a nanny-state dominated by kitty-pics at a teetotaler’s convention.  It was a place where you could deal with the serious issues and get honest responses to honest statements, whether you wanted to read them or not.  What a great thing that was while it lasted.  Those who wanted to travel in the slow-lane stayed on Facebook.

In Jack’s desperation to protect his investment he has lost sight of the reason for Twitter’s popularity. Without credibility as a free speech platform, Twitter is nought but advertising bots and pictures of Kim Kardashian’s bum.

Wake up, Twitter!  Wake up, Jack. Sack those half-wits you’ve invested with censoring-powers they have clearly demonstrated they are ill-equipped to handle, for reasons of ignorance (political and moral), immaturity or ego.

Is this happening because you’ve allowed your building to get infested with Israeli Hasbara or U.S. government moles?  Is it a pay issue?  Are your inmates a bunch of monkeys because you are only willing to pay peanuts?

Twitter has ‘Block’ and ‘Mute’ options.  You also have options to limit ‘sensitive’ content (oh God).  Exactly how ridiculous do you want to get about this?

I contend that you only have a short window of opportunity in which to fix this before Twitter is scraped into the internet garbage-bin.  Technology moves quickly, as we know, so it’s likely there will be no return.  All the nannies and polite, vanilla-thinkers won’t save you from that.

Jack, stop censoring and limiting exactly the type of out-spoken, opinionated people who made Twitter interesting in the first place.


Honey-traps and Unholy Alliances: Oxford University and the United States of Israel

Background:  The United States-Israeli Bund

There’s not too much that needs to be said about this unholy alliance – The Obama Government’s complete subservience to Israel is world-renowed.

One current example of Israel’s ‘coming out’, as the ruler of the U.S. Government, is the current furore over a comment made by Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defence, Chuck Hagel.  He had the audacity to suggest that he was a U.S. Senator and not a Jewish Senator.  In response, forty Senators, who obviously consider themselves servants of Israel, blocked Hagel’s nomination, with a filibuster, in disgust at this misrepresentation of their own allegiances.

The American public can be in no doubt about which country’s needs are to be prioritised in the U.S.A.  The question remains as to what the American people intend to do about it.  Get misty-eyed about their stylish President, hand over their tax dollars for the war on Iran and Israeli military assistance and continue to fiddle whilst Democracy burns, I suppose.  Oh and I suppose they’ll also be buying lots of body bags for the American sons and daughters who will die for the state of Israel in their next unholy war.

The Oxford Union Speech debacle

It seems it took an epic battle for Assange to be able to speak at Oxford University.  All kinds of forces appear to have been aligned against him, including misguided feminists and the usual array of selfish attention-seekers attempting to use conflict with Assange as a ticket to personal fame.

The day before Assange’s speech, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, was invited to address the Union.  The choice of Bolton to speak the day before Assange, was a telling one.  WikiLeaks had already indicated they were in possession of the script for “The Fifth Estate” (previously known as “The Man who sold the World”).  It would have been clear that Assange was going to challenge the film’s misinformation about Iran’s imaginary nuclear program, as well as defend against the film’s defamatory implication that WikiLeaks was somehow associated with said program.

John Bolton is a Conservative Republican, who is involved with the “Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs”.  After the U.N. General Assembly voted to upgrade the Observer status of the Palestinian delegation, in November 2012, Bolton blamed Obama for even allowing the vote to take place.  He stated that the U.S. should have threatened to withhold U.N. membership dues if the vote proceeded.  Bolton stated, “Palestine is not a state. That’s a fact.  And when the U.N. engages in this kind of activity, it just shows a real lack of administration commitment to stop it from happening.”  That’s right, John, how dare anyone, apart from the U.S. Government, have a say in anything that happens in the rest of the world.

Predictably, in his speech, Bolton accused Iran of every dirty deed imaginable, including being the “central banker of terrorism” – a title long ago earned by the United States and their master, Israel, the murderers of Palestinian children and deployers of assassination brigades.

Bolton’s blatantly anti-Iranian, war-flame fanning propaganda speech at Oxford, was accompanied by recorded applause, including whoops more appropriate to an Oscar acceptance speech.  The applause abruptly and unnaturally ceases so as not to interfere with the audibility of Bolton’s stories about the evil Iranian empire.  The student’s hostile questions were also edited out.  The only thing missing, to complete the picture, was a couple of jokes with some canned-laughter.  Here is a link to Craig Murray’s blog on the whole Oxford-Bolton propaganda mind-job:

In his subsequent address to Oxford, Julian Assange informed the audience about the Dreamworks film’s anti-Iranian misinformation and insidious implications re: WikiLeaks, pointing out specific sections of the script.  He also spoke further about media-manipulation by corporate and government interests.  Here is link to a section of Assange’s address, where he discusses these issues:

The University’s Board of Trustees attempted to block the transmission of Assange’s address, on “legal” grounds.  The edited version of the Assange speech, with U.S. friendly back-drop and dodgy manipulated sound was eventually released – sans fake canned applause.  Craig Murray indicates that he, himself, was part of a battle to allow even this edited transmission to occur.  Oxford University had deleted Assange’s preferred back-drop, which depicted the ‘Collateral Murder’ video, providing some dodgy reason pertaining to copyright.  Who raised said issue of legal copyright?  Presumably Oxford must have been in contact with someone from the U.S. Government, in relation to this issue and had made a dirty deal to accommodate them.

Presumably this is also what happened in relation to arrangements for John Bolton to speak at the University.  A pertinent question might be “What the hell was Bolton doing there in the first place?”  If it was to add counter-balance to the discourse, that should be done with speakers who are at least presenting a view of the true facts.  Clearly Bolton was there for the purpose of manipulating the fragile, egg-shell minds of the students of Oxford to make them into good little Iran-hating drones for the United States of Israel.  The effect was also a preemptive strike on Assange, who would have been expected to support the truth of the Iran Nuclear Program and counter the Dreamworks film’s propaganda.

It is difficult to understand how Oxford University could stand by and allow such a propaganda exercise to happen in a U.K. seat of learning.  Is the U.S. Government now the Ministry for Propaganda at Oxford University?

I would suggest that it’s time for the students of Oxford and other British Universities, to start analysing the forces behind the information they are being force-fed through their own institutions and the media.  It is time for them to start asking some pertinent questions about the sovereignty of their educational institutions and their country.